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Even though ED is a multi-faceted problem, according to actual evidence, there seems to be a strong connection between Nitric oxide (NO) and erectile dysfunction. This article has only one goal: To explain you in layman’s terms how these two things are connected. Because the link is too evident to dismiss it. Let’s start by exploring what NO is. What Is Nitric Oxide? It is a molecule produced by our body with the purpose of helping our 50 trillion cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals through the body. There are many cellular activities where NO is of great help, but there is one that is immediately related to our main topic: It regulates blood pressure by dilating arteries.[…]

Chainsaw Mills

You probably know about the extremely high and demanding criteria medical equipment and devices are subjected to. One of the most important elements is the material used in their fabrication. It needs to meet many requirements not to harm patients’ lives, and the Stainless Steel 304 is one of the top choices. Let’s check why it is the case, and why according to many specialists and professional, it is the perfect material for medical equipment and devices. Different Kinds of Steel: Why 304? 420, O1 tool, 316 and many others. All of them have their own purposes, for example there are many subtypes of stainless steel 316, also known as marine-grade stainless steel: 316:  Used in certain medical implants, food[…]

dietitian education

Dietitians and nutritionists are important and well-paid professionals whose goal is to provide health improvement through nutrition. It’s a career with many opportunities, a great market to target and which also adds plenty of value to society. There are many diseases which can be effectively treated by having a good diet. The dietitian’s job is to work with each client in order to meet this goal. These are some of their functions, in this case, the principal ones: Help patients treat chronic conditions, for instance high blood pressure Help patients gain or lose weight Provide treatment for preventing and treating certain diseases, for instance diabetes Support patients who follow treatment regimens Different Paths: A registered dietitian nutritionist can choose to[…]

bean-to-cup coffee machines

People love bean-to-cup coffee machines, because they offer tasteful and flavor-rich coffee within a few minutes. It’s a market with plenty of buyers, and therefore, a big demand. In awareness of this opportunity, Fuji Electric has decided to launch its own product to this market: the BeanBrew. As announced on May 5, the important company has created a machine, which according to their own words, is going to excel in the market and become a favorite of the people in a short time. The BeanBrew’s Value: According to experts on the matter, an efficient bean-to-cup coffee machine needs to produce coffee while minimizing or suppressing the oxidation of the beans. This is only possible at a low yet steady RPM,[…]

probiotic cosmetics

Cosmetic formulators are trying to incorporate and promote their products by exploiting the benefits of microbiome for skin health. Is this the beginning of probiotic cosmetics? It seems like it is the case. Companies like YUN Probiotherapy are venturing into this new market, with cosmetic products aimed to improve skin healthy with the help of microbes. By using friendly bacteria in the fabrication of their products, the company YUN Probiotherapy has created skin care products for treating acne, athlete’s foot or for simply improving the health and look of the skin. How Did This Happen? This new trend has been boosted principally by the results provided by The Human Microbiome Project. This 5-year project launched in 2008 costed $157 million[…]

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

You live in an active world. You go here and there, therefore, you need a pair of shoes which can go along with your lifestyle, and even better, help you to make it more comfortable and easy to handle. In this article you’re going to learn the essential and most important points when choosing a pair of shoes for walking all day on concrete. Just keep reading and learn all about it. How Can the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete Improve Your Life? That’s a common yet important question. How can this type of footwear benefit you? Refer to the following list in order to learn about the amazing advantages and benefits it offers: Reduce the incidence of back[…]

Holosync vs Omharmonics

Holosync and Omharmonics are meditation technologies that aim helping you relax and focus. Holosync: Holosyncis is a practical form of acoustic technology that integrates the brain wave patterns of intense meditation. You can benefit from conventional meditation practice and experience it quickly in a short period. The Holosync makes you meditate just like a Zen monk, with just a single touch of a button. This technology allows you to experience more happiness and understand the value of life. It increases mental creativity, abilities, and problem-solving skills. Holosync audio meditation dramatically reduces the stress and anxiety levels in an individual. The technology improves mental, physical and emotional well-being, as well as provides improved focus, memory, learning, and concentration levels. Also, the[…]

By John Crewdson WASHINGTON — An American Airlines non-stop flight from Boston to Los Angeles was an hour east of Denver on Thursday morning whenMichael Tighe’s heart began fibrillating wildly, no longer able to pump blood to his dying brain. "I really don’t remember any of it. I was watching the movie and I passed out," Tighe, 62, said Friday from his bed in a Denver hospital after undergoing the airline’s first successful in-flight defibrillation. As Tighe was being restored to life, on another American flight over central Nevada a physician was using cardiac drugs from the airline’s newly enhanced emergency medical kit to revive the dwindling heartbeat of a 73-year-old California man who had collapsed while reading a newspaper. The[…]

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – Three shoppers at Kravco Company Malls in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maine went into sudden cardiac arrest and were saved with the mall’s emergency oxygen and defibrillators.     The three separate life-saving incidents occurred at Montgomery Mall in Pennsylvania, Deptford Mall in New Jersey, and Bangor Mall in Maine. The ambulance and medics who responded to the scene attributed the oxygen to saving the lives of these three shoppers.    "The combination of oxygen and defibrillators are fundamental to saving lives. Especially the oxygen, since without it, the possibility of going into cardiac arrest is even greater," said Medical Director Dr. Peter Goldman. Once the shoppers went into cardiac arrest, the emergency oxygen sustained their[…]

SEATTLE — Three Alaska Airlines flight attendants successfully used a portable defibrillator to revive a passenger whose heart had stopped beating, the airline said today.     "Thanks to their quick thinking, a woman is alive," said Andy Schneider, the carrier’s staff vice president of in-flight and station operations. "Their action is the very definition of teamwork and professionalism."    The incident occurred Oct. 19 shortly after Alaska Flight 683 from San Francisco landed in Vancouver, BC. A 77-year-old woman collapsed in the jetway upon exiting the aircraft.    Portland-based flight attendants Darlene Castillo, Steve Patronsky and Marlene Norris quickly determined that the passenger had no pulse and was not breathing. Within moments, they retrieved the automatic external defibrillator installed on[…]