Do you play the lottery? There’s one that’s been going on in your community for yearsone that all of us play every day, whether we know it or not. And the grand prize is huge. Each day in nearly every metropolitan area, someone is killed-suddenly, mercilessly, without warning. It could be you, it could be your father, your mother, your child, your neighbor. Every year in the United States 350,000 persons die from sudden cardiac arrest.

In 1995, Paramedic Ken Cardwell and EMT Cherry Cardwell started to educate the public about automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and the countless lives they could save.

The Cardwells began a grass root public education campaign with phone calls, brochures and newsletters to get the word out about early defibrillation, then approached Dr. Joseph Kozina, a California cardiologist, with a plea for his assistance. Convinced that working together would increase the organization’s reach, Dr. Kozina became PADL’s co-founder and president. With Dr. Kozina at the helm, began raising money to purchase AEDs and donate them throughout the community.

Working with dedicated volunteers and a design team that donated thousands of hours, PADL.ORG’s website was launched in August of 1997.

Since that time, PADL.ORG’s accomplishments include:

Helping thousands start community-based projects.
Donation of over 70 AEDs into the community last year.
Donation of hundreds of AEDs worldwide.
Hundreds of AEDs have been donated worldwide.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims have been saved.
Promotion of AED-Friendly Legislation Nationwide through up-to-date Legislation Page.
Helped the American Heart Association pass California’s AED-Friendly Legislation, SB-911.
Sponsored the National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Act endorsed by President Clinton.
News Coverage on the cover of the LA Times and in EMS and The Rotarian magazines.
Because of the dedicated work of a small group, PADL.ORG has made a difference in the survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest victims. You are invited to become a part of our organization by joining PADL.ORG todaywithout your encouragement and support we would be unable to continue this lifesaving venture.