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When becoming a PADL.ORG Approved Trainer you will receive these benefits:

Your company’s listing in the PADL.ORG Approved Trainer Directory.
PADL.ORG Approved Trainer ShieldPlace this shield on your marketing materials and let prospective clients know of your affiliation with PADL.ORG’s lifesaving mission.
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PADL.ORG Flash OpeningExcellent educational tool; may be downloaded to 3.5 floppy for wide distribution.
PADL.ORG PhotosGallery of pictures useful for creating educational and marketing materials.
PADL.ORG PowerpointGreat for educational presentations and seminars.
PADL.ORG Community Guide to AED ProjectsYour complete source of information on how to start a public access defibrillation project in your community.
PADL.ORG Grant Writing GuideNeed funding for your AED project? This guide helps you with everything you need to raise funds for your community. Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a grant, with a complete list of funding sources.
PADL.ORG Corporate Member Wall Certificate, suitable for framing.
PADL.ORG Corporate Membership ShieldPlace this shield on your web page or marketing materials and let your clients know you’re a part of our lifesaving organization.