Holosync vs Omharmonics

Holosync and Omharmonics are meditation technologies that aim helping you relax and focus.


Holosyncis is a practical form of acoustic technology that integrates the brain wave patterns of intense meditation. You can benefit from conventional meditation practice and experience it quickly in a short period. The Holosync makes you meditate just like a Zen monk, with just a single touch of a button.

Holosync vs Omharmonics
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This technology allows you to experience more happiness and understand the value of life. It increases mental creativity, abilities, and problem-solving skills. Holosync audio meditation dramatically reduces the stress and anxiety levels in an individual. The technology improves mental, physical and emotional well-being, as well as provides improved focus, memory, learning, and concentration levels. Also, the individual who practices Holosync meditation can get restful sleep, and it can increase the production of neurochemicals that can slow down the aging process in men and women, keeping your body young. Also, Holosync can improve the healing of unsolved emotional and mental blocks.


Omharmonics is a perfect tool to experience the True Power of Efficient Meditation. Many people from athletes to CEOs and millions of people globally agree that meditation is efficient and is the best for humankind. It does not matter even if you are an experienced meditation Pro, you want to be a Himalayan monk, or are just a spectator, you are sure to enjoy practicing omHarmonics as it helps you relax, focus and removes stress and anxiety.

OmHarmonics is next-generation audio meditation technology, which is known as Binaural beats. It differs from what you can find on the market, and it is amplified with ambient sound and synchronization technology, which makes the meditation level above the ordinary binaural beat products. Omharmonics allows you to enjoy the audio collection on your computer or media player and allows you to quickly enter the deep levels of mind in just a few minutes. The best part? No practice is required, no struggle, no experience or equipment is required.

So, through this, you can understand that Centerpointe Holosync vs. Omharmonics are good in their own ways, and both benefit equally. Both the Holosync and Omharmonics products enhance synchronous neuroelectrical activity between the two halves of the brain. Over time, they can take the function of the nervous system to a higher level and improve the functioning of the system. With this binaural beats audio meditation program, you can increase your creativity, the capacity to solve problems, concentration, focus, intuition, and memory.