Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

You live in an active world. You go here and there, therefore, you need a pair of shoes which can go along with your lifestyle, and even better, help you to make it more comfortable and easy to handle.

In this article you’re going to learn the essential and most important points when choosing a pair of shoes for walking all day on concrete. Just keep reading and learn all about it.

How Can the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete Improve Your Life?

That’s a common yet important question. How can this type of footwear benefit you? Refer to the following list in order to learn about the amazing advantages and benefits it offers:

  • Reduce the incidence of back pain
  • Protect your knees from everyday stress
  • Stay away from varicose veins
  • Give your feet rest and protection
  • Prevent plantar fasciitis from appearing

As you can see they can make your life better and prevent many problems from happening. Even though we are designed to walk for long distances, we are not precisely engineered to walk on concrete all day. Hence, it’s important for you to have a pair of shoes which are appropriate for such material.

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

This should be more than enough to encourage you to get a proper pair of shoes. For real, it’s going to improve your life and make it healthier, and of course, make you happier.

What to Take into Account?

Thanks to and its excellent article on how to pick the best footwear for walking on concrete, we have elaborated our own list of things to take into account. Although, we invite you to visit it, you won’t feel disappointed.

Length and Width:

As a general rule of thumb, the shoe should always be ½ inch longer from your big toe, this way you will bring your feet enough space. That’s regarding the length, and now it’s time to talk about the width. Always try the shoes with your socks on. If your heel doesn’t slip and you feel comfortable, then it’s alright.

The Flexibility Factor:

The pair of shoes you choose must bend near the ball, never in the middle. The shoe needs to be flexible, yet it also needs to have support in the heel section.

The Importance of Proper Cushioning:

Cushioning can either be a good or bad thing. In the case of walking shoes, too much is a bad thing. It needs to be just spot on, and preferably, the cushioning must be mainly located at the ball and heel of the shoe.

Your Arch Matters:

The arch of your feet is very important, because based on it you can discover which the right footwear choice is for you. Here you have clear and solid examples:

  1. If you have high arches, then the best pick are a pair of shoes with plenty of cushioning at heel and ball.
  2. For low arches it’s better to choose a footwear with minimal cushioning and a straight sole.
  3. And for the middle point – normal arches – you can use a pair of shoes which come with just the right amount of cushioning, firm midsoles and a semi-curved sole. That’s the perfect pick.

And just to finish, your shoes need to be lightweight. They need to make your feel free, not like you had two bricks tied to your feet.

Conclusion and Final Words:

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With this straight-to-the-point summary you have more than enough. Now you have the knowledge necessary to get the best shoes for walking on concrete for you, because it’s time for a better life for you!