bean-to-cup coffee machines

People love bean-to-cup coffee machines, because they offer tasteful and flavor-rich coffee within a few minutes. It’s a market with plenty of buyers, and therefore, a big demand. In awareness of this opportunity, Fuji Electric has decided to launch its own product to this market: the BeanBrew.

As announced on May 5, the important company has created a machine, which according to their own words, is going to excel in the market and become a favorite of the people in a short time.

bean-to-cup coffee machines

The BeanBrew’s Value:

According to experts on the matter, an efficient bean-to-cup coffee machine needs to produce coffee while minimizing or suppressing the oxidation of the beans. This is only possible at a low yet steady RPM, and that’s exactly what the BeanBrew offers.

This state-of-the-art mechanism allows it to retain most of the flavor and bring you a cup of coffee you will love from beginning till end. The low and steady RPM along with a precise steaming and pressing of the beans work together to bring a whole new experience, through which the company expects to captivate this market in the U.S.

The company has also made sure to make it simple to use. People only have to push a couple of button to get it working. Therefore, it offers a great user experience, which is another angle by which the company wants to captivate this market.

The machine is targeting the marketing from many angles. Because they have designed this machine so it can be useful at home, at office, at hotels or any other place. Therefore, it’s suitable for different types of clients.

This supposes a real revolution to this market. Because if it works as advertised, because it’s guaranteed that there will be many reviews about the machine, then it would represent a great improvement.

According to the company, it comes with multiple bean hoppers, plenty of customization options to enhance flavor and a top-notch hot water dispenser. It certainly promises a great value for buyers, because an enhanced flavor along with an easy process is what people need and want.

Proven Value:

Even though Fuji Electric is new to the market in the U.S, it’s already a strong name in the Japanese market. With more than 40,000 units already deployed in convenience stores across the country, it’s already a popular choice, which has served more than 2.4 billion cups of coffee.

Even though both market are not the same, it’s a proof that clients and buyers in Japan can attest for the quality and value of this new bean-to-cup coffee machine. And it all seems to point out to the great materials and technology used in its design and fabrication.

By using a slow RPM the beans preserve their flavor, and the options for calibrating the output are state of the art technology, because they allow you to maximize the flavor to your own liking.

And these calibrating options are going to be a great attraction for people who want to have this type of machine at home as well as business owners. Because if they can deliver something customized to their clients, then it means they will please their clients and that will bring them better returns.

Nonetheless, Fuji Electric’s engineers are always working hard on delivering great products, and the BeanBrew won’t be the exception to the rule. Even though it will take a time before it becomes a favorite by the people, it has the value to become a really solid option on people’s eyes. It just needs an efficient marketing campaign.

Fuji Electric is a brand which is already associated with high quality. Therefore, it won’t have a hard time entering this market and positioning this new bean-to-cup coffee machine as a solid option.

And as the company advertises, this new machine will provide a better coffee with deeper, smoother, special and luxurious flavor, exactly what plenty of people are looking for.

Coffee is all about sensations, and this type of machine puts it at your reach. It combines the wonders of a luxurious flavor with the ease of just pushing some buttons and getting it done, without having to grind the beans manually.