About AEDs    Stand Clear! We’ve all heard the shout as actors on TV apply paddles to a cardiac arrest victim’s chest. What this drama is re-enacting is defibrillation, which unfortunately most people think can only happen in an ambulance or hospital.    PADL thinks this needs to change, because every day in our area three people die from sudden cardiac arrest and of that number, one could have been saved by early defibrillation.    We’re not talking about the kind of defibrillation shown on TV. We’re talking about the kind that you can learn to do; the kind that can get to sudden cardiac arrest victim’s quickly enough to make a difference. We’re talking about AEDs, or automated external[…]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – Who’s at Risk? Many people have the mistaken perception that sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is only a problem for male senior citizens. The reality is that SCA strikes both men and women, and although the average age of victims is 65, many victims are much younger with documented victims in their teens, twenties, thirties and forties. In 1995, world-class figure skater Sergei Grinkov finished a practice routine, complained of dizziness, and collapsed. Within one hour, despite extensive resuscitation efforts, the apparently healthy 28-year-old skater died, a victim of SCA. Each year, 350,000 people die from SCA in the United States. Sudden cardiac arrest can strike any part of the population at any time — adults, adolescents,[…]

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AEDs are user-friendly devices that are intuitive in their operation. Everyone from high-school students and security guards to elderly relatives of heart disease patients has been successfully trained in the use of these devices. AED training takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. This allows enough time for a full CPR course and ample hands-on practice with different rescue scenarios. PADL does not support the method of giving a brief overview of the AED’s use with a video for the student to watch later. Properly performed CPR is an integral part in the chain of survival for the sudden cardiac arrest victim. Assessment and treatment skills, such as determining unresponsiveness, checking for breathing and a pulse, protecting the airway, and dialing[…]

AED stands for automated external defibrillator. A defibrillator is a medical device that delivers an electric shock to a patient’s chest which in turn passes through the heart. This is done to terminate lethal cardiac rhythms and cause the heart to resume normal pumping activity. AEDs are called automated because they take the decision to deliver a shock out of the hands of rescuers and place it in an internal computer chip. Audible prompts tell the rescuer what to do, from attaching electrodes to the patient’s chest to pushing a button to deliver a shock. AEDs have been commercially available for the past ten years. Early units were large and expensive and hampered by regulatory issues. Designed for use by[…]

Do you play the lottery? There’s one that’s been going on in your community for yearsone that all of us play every day, whether we know it or not. And the grand prize is huge. Each day in nearly every metropolitan area, someone is killed-suddenly, mercilessly, without warning. It could be you, it could be your father, your mother, your child, your neighbor. Every year in the United States 350,000 persons die from sudden cardiac arrest. In 1995, Paramedic Ken Cardwell and EMT Cherry Cardwell started PADL.org to educate the public about automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and the countless lives they could save. The Cardwells began a grass root public education campaign with phone calls, brochures and newsletters to get[…]

PADL.ORG APPROVED TRAINER APPLICATION  The price is $150.00 per state per year.  Thank you for your interest in being listed in the PADL AED trainer registry. By participating in this registry, you receive the following benefits: Display of trainer and/or company name and contact information allowing interested students to request training Downloadable PADL Approved Trainer shield which may be placed on trainer’s marketing materials and/or web page  Registry Criteria: Instructor Credentials Curriculum Medical Direction Training Insurance   Instructor Credentials Physician, RN, Paramedic or EMT with emergency experience.PADL applauds every effort made to teach CPR and AED use to lay persons, regardless of instructor medical credentials. Many fine instructors have no emergency experience, but possess a passion to teach and improve health[…]